We are not only a Seedbank, a Cannabis company and a Brand. We are also a Cannabis Culture and a way of life. We believe in staying irie, growing super dank trees, producing and conserving top quality strains, and doing what we love in between which ranges from fishing and surfing to chilling around with friends and listening to music all whilst being super ‘medicated’ on only the highest grade.  We believe in preserving and supplying only the highest quality strains and products for all like-minded people and having a dope time doing it.


We believe everyone should have access to worldwide genetics and a variety of strains that are top class and these strains should grow in everyone’s gardens. We believe in having fun and being free in the little time we have on this planet and making a positive meaningful impact while we are here.

Jah Bra, The Brand for easy going like-minded people who believe in always making the most out of life, just say Jah Bra…

Jah Bra is a family owned business, the founders and owners Heinrich and Hannes are cousins, they have shared their passion for Cannabis alongside fishing and outdoors life since childhood. “We at Jah Bra started growing many years ago because we were tired of smoking and being offered the same old selection of “cheese” when it came to high grade strains. We wanted to puff and experience the many varieties of Cannabis that was already available in the International markets and wanted to have a wide selection of different strains to choose from thus we decided to import seeds from all over the world and started growing our very own exotic variety of strains”

Between the two of them they have more than 20 years growing experience and decided it was time to take their knowledge and strains and make it available to the public. Jah Bra is a family owned business that loves everything cannabis and cannabis related. Jah Bra supports the full legalization of recreational and medical cannabis in South Africa for all South Africans.

 We believe in sustainable environmental friendly cultivation and production of the cannabis plant, using the strains South Africa has to offer with a Jah Bra twist.

We want to do more for the cannabis industry and grow along with it and thus we also offer the South African cannabis community the opportunity to promote or sell, Jah Bra approved, products on our website to create an all-inclusive uniquely South African Cannabis Brand.